Software that evolves as quickly as businesses

Business software is heavy and expensive.
They are often poorly adapted to customer needs.
They evolve very slowly while professions evolve more and more quickly.

Agile and scalable

Software engineering and
artificial intelligence


We offer software that scales quickly, easily and securely.


Thanks to technologies from SOFTWARE ENGINEERING and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, we take the development of business software to a new dimension.

Our software is 100% customizable: Data, screens, management rules, processes and interfaces can be modified down to the smallest detail.

At YOO SOFT we have created a new universe and applied it to the Retail sector.

The result is spectacular!

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The SOFTWARE FACTORY has obtained the FRENCH TECH SEED label
proving the DEEPTECH character of our invention

Our history

Our values

Our team is driven by the ambition to revolutionize the way business software is created. She puts her passion for new technologies at the service of the digitalization of businesses by bringing radical changes in the relationship with IT tools.


To achieve our goal of providing you with the perfect answer to your needs, we build our innovative products in collaboration with customers. Driven by the search for simplicity, use, power and speed of execution, we push ourselves to surpass ourselves to offer you a unique user experience.


At YOO SOFT, every person is important. Based on participative management, our team is structured in an agile manner and uses SCRUM methods. We are convinced that human connection, authenticity, and respect for others are formidable levers of performance and reveal talents.

The conquest

Since the creation of YOO SOFT, we have set ourselves ambitious objectives. First, we think about the world that customers dream of and then we find solutions to make this dream come true. This is how it becomes possible to push the limits and achieve great things in the service of our customers.


Our company culture is important. We ensure equal opportunities, diversity and refuse all forms of discrimination. Each person is an integral part of the team and thrives within the team. This is how all the people who work at YOO SOFT give meaning to their jobs.

In a few numbers



16 380

Hours of R&D to develop the 1st version of YOO RETAIL


Years of experience accumulated by the team of R&D engineers in publishing business software.


Times faster to develop business software. Years become hours.

Our team

Our DREAM TEAM is a very high-level experienced team that makes up our R&D center based in Montpellier. It brings together RECOGNIZED EXPERTS in the software publishing sector, because they were at the genesis of the designs of COLOMBUS and Y2 software intended for retail. Their GREAT EXPERIENCES are pooled to create UNIQUE software that will meet all your expectations.






Director of information systems for nine years for a chain of retail stores, Eric put all his experience into creating a disruptive no-code development tool. Creator of the Colombus software, he returns to software publishing after twenty years of hard work to make the daily lives of IT departments easier. His high standards will be greatly appreciated by retail DSIs.


R&D Software Architect

An expert in user interfaces, Benoist has 30 years of experience in software publishing, he is one of the creators of the Colombus and Y2 software. His knowledge is a real asset for our project.


R&D engineer

A development engineer for 10 years, Stéphane notably participated in the development of the Y2 software at CEGID.


R&D engineer

A qualified engineer in Control Architecture and Embedded Systems IT, Adrien brings all his knowledge to the project.



Co-founder of the company Yoo Soft, Tassadit is in charge of the sales and marketing side. She brings all her rigor to the company. Dynamic and determined, his spirit of conquest is an asset.


R&D Software Architect

Architect of Colombus and Y2 software, William is our expert for the restocking and management rules part. Its 30 years of experience in software publishing allow us to offer you a solution that meets your needs.


R&D engineer

A development engineer for 11 years, Yohann has extensive technical and functional knowledge in the publishing of business software acquired in particular during his experiences at Global Pos and Orchestra-Prémaman.


R&D Developer

An expert in information technology, Alexandre will bring all his experience acquired in no-code to our solution.







R&D Software Architect

Chief architect of Y2 software for 5 years, Christophe manages projects masterfully. All his years of experience within the R&D pole in the publishing of software for retail have contributed to the success of our project.


R&D engineer

A development engineer for 9 years, Adrien has built up solid experience in the design of business software, particularly at Frequentiel.


R&D Engineer BI Expert

An engineer in Artificial Business Intelligence, Landry has 7 years in this field. It will bring the BI brick to the Yoo Soft solution.
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